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Both homeowners and buyers and renters find innovative solutions at HPS Real Estate, putting at your service new tools and methodologies to satisfy your needs.


Through HPS Real Estate business unit, Home Prime Solutions appears in the market with two different focuses. Proprietary Customers and Buyers Customers, for which we have created specific mechanisms of action that allow you to sell or buy a home, choosing the way you want to sell or buy a property.

We speed up the process.


Property listing process

Qualification visit
Non exclusivity selling
exclusivity selling
Cooperative selling
3 brockerage
Consultancy Service
If you intend to transact your property, HPS provides a rigorous and objective consulting service, which starts with a meeting with the owner, in which your claims are analyzed and the property is qualified. The next step consists in the production of a professional report with analysis and exhaustive qualification of the property, using the certified valuation expertise and identifying its marketing potential as well as defining the best marketing strategy.
At the end of this stage, will have the tools in your hands to make the right decisions. In case you decide to transact your home, HPS Real Estate presents different solutions that allow you to successfully complete the business.
Contact us to know the innovations that we introduce in this service.
Real Estate brockerage
HPS exclusivity contract 
The property is offered for sale by HPS Imobiliário through this website and replicated on the most relevant classifieds websites for the real estate sector.
HPS Cooperative Selling  Contract      =     HPS + sellected partners to sell along with us
For commercialization of the property we scrutinize agents and mediators based on the existing volume of business in the area, in the quality demonstrated through the respective portfolio and also through their commercial attitude.
With this model, HPS fully coordinates the process (documents / photos / data / pricing / visits / negotiation / comunication with owner) but allows other companies to have their own adds of your property.  In practical terms, you have several agents triyng to sell your property, but you only have contat with one that coordinates.  This is a smartest alternative for you.

Home Prime Solutions looks at existing real estate as true business partners and never as competitors.

We value above all the interests of the real estate client and the responsible and enthusiastic pursuit of their objectives. That's why we prefer to partner with other companies and together we can drive the results to our proprietary customers than to stand proudly alone and to be just one in the thousands.

HPS Non exclisivity contract

Traditional Real Estate mediation


The aquisition process

Close deal
Service created by HPS real estate to give an answer to the requirements and preferences of buyers. This service constitutes a great innovation in the real estate market, since the response that gives the buyer is not conditioned by the stock of just one agent. On the contrary, we have partnerships with most real estate companies sharing commissions of the closed deals. Customers benefit from this and so do we.
This service has no costs for the buyer nor does it interfere with the price of the property to be acquired.
advantages of HPS
 Real Estate Service
    All properties for sale are potentially sorted regardless of the real estate agent in charge;
    Only available properties are selected;
    Only properties that match your criteria will be presented to you;
    Entities or public figures are not exposed to several interlocutors;
    Clear and rigorous communication;
    distanced advice from the interests of the owners;
    Service without interference in the price of the property;
    Transparency. Property prices are published and the links will be made available to you;
    Absolute comfort;
    Identification of the best existing businesses at any given moment.
Problems that are solved with this service
Visits in vain (out of selected criteria properties);
False ads (they serve as bait only to attract customers);
Dispersal of adds by multiple information platforms;
Inconsistent and wrong information;
In vain contacts (properties that are no longer available);
Problems of communication with less proactive partners;
Loss of time (you are presented with properties that does not interest you);
Bad deals due to partial market information;


Mob. phone: + 351 931 656 811

Mob. phone + 351 930 409 094

Phone:  +351 217 923 739


Office Headquarters:

Centro de Escritórios Campo Grande

Av. do Brasil, nº 1

1749-008 Lisboa


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